Clean Eating.

So along with the exercise, I've started clean eating. All clean eating is, is cutting out processed foods and organic, cutting out or limiting red meat. You can also eat chocolate just as long as it's 70% or higher dark chocolate. Of course everything in moderation. I buy my fruits and veggies from the markets or Auchan. I started this way of eating last week. It has been a bit of a struggle not giving into temptation and when I do not letting that bring me down. So far I've made fruit bruschetta, turkey wraps, chicken and rice seved with salad. When I go out I try to eat as healthy as possible, but sometimes you just want to eat a really good burger! LOL Rick and Celeste are slow to welcome this change. I know a complete change will take time. I'm looking forward to teaching my daughter a good way of eating! Below is the website I have used. You will also find some good recipes on the website. :) http://www.eatcleandiet.com/food_and_recipes/clean_recipe.aspx

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