My run for the day.


I ran a mile in 16 min. My goal is to make that number a mile in 10 and go down from there. My ultimate goal is to run a 5k in 20 minutes! 



5K run/walk in Nashville

This past Saturday I did a 5K. I ran most of it and ended up going 3.8 miles. I was with my sister so I kept going back to her and walking with her for a while then I would run again. We both jogged the last part of it together. We crossed the finish line together which was really awesome! Even though I'm not in Italy, in March I plan to run a 10K which is the base to base. I'm training for that now. I'm wanting to run more than walk and finish it in less than two hours. After that my goal is to do a half marathon!

Here are some pictures from the race!