Getting back in the game

Since my last post I've been able to lose the 10 pounds that I gained. I've just not gotten fully back into a routine.
We are in the middle of moving,but this week I've started walking again. I've been eating better as well. I'm going to stick with it, cause I know it works. I miss the wonderful feeling I had when I was exercising all the time!!  That's my motivation, getting my energy back and feeling good!!! I will post back here in a week or so to give you all an update!! 


It's been to long

So I've been off the exercise kick for about a month now. The down side to that is I've gained about 10 pounds back. :( I'm getting back into my routine on Monday though! I'm hoping to lose at least 30 more pounds before we move back to the States. The plus side though is that my blood is still normal and my bp is down to 110/89. I'm less stressed! I'm really excited about that! Thank you everyone for your love and support!! Here's to a new Michelle! :)


Base 2 Base Run

Since my last post I've done a few things. I throw out my scales cause they were making me mad! LOL I've been going by inches and how clothes have been fitting. :) I like that better! Right now I've gone done an two inches since I was last measured. I'm going in this week to the gym for Jill to measure me. I've been walking and running still. I did a 6 mile run on Feb 26th. I really wasn't feeling that run so I walked most of it. I finished it in an hour and 45 min. This past Saturday I did the base 2 base which is 7.6 miles. I ran half of it and walked the rest. Finished it in 2 hours and 5 min. I felt really good after I did the base 2 base! This whole time I've been working towards the base to base and now that I've done it I have the feeling of: now what? lol There is a 5k coming up on April 1. It's going to be in the Orchard again. The orchard is rough terrain and hilly. Oh fun! I've done it once and finished it in an hour, so I know that I can do this and finish it in under an hour! The pictures I've added are of Rick, Adrianna and I at the beginning and end of the race.


Clean Eating.

So along with the exercise, I've started clean eating. All clean eating is, is cutting out processed foods and organic, cutting out or limiting red meat. You can also eat chocolate just as long as it's 70% or higher dark chocolate. Of course everything in moderation. I buy my fruits and veggies from the markets or Auchan. I started this way of eating last week. It has been a bit of a struggle not giving into temptation and when I do not letting that bring me down. So far I've made fruit bruschetta, turkey wraps, chicken and rice seved with salad. When I go out I try to eat as healthy as possible, but sometimes you just want to eat a really good burger! LOL Rick and Celeste are slow to welcome this change. I know a complete change will take time. I'm looking forward to teaching my daughter a good way of eating! Below is the website I have used. You will also find some good recipes on the website. :) http://www.eatcleandiet.com/food_and_recipes/clean_recipe.aspx


20 pounds lighter!!!

Me at my highest weight: 320 pounds.

This is me 20 pounds lighter!!! And counting!! :)

The journey so far.

Last year around this time my friend Bronnie got a hold of me. If you know Bronnie, once she has a hold there's no turning back! lol She had me run with her at least once a week. We started out with 10 minutes and went from there. After a while I actually stopped running with them regularly. Then there was a chance for me to run a 5k. My first 5k ever! It was to be at the Orchard behind NAS 1. I asked Bronnie if she would show it to me so I knew what I was in for. Walking it and trying to run it, two totally different things!! After we had walked the whole 5k that night. I was a bit scared, but I still went and signed up for the 5k. With hubby at my side we started out running and then we walked a lot. For those who don't know the Orchard, it's very hilly and rough terrain.I finished it in an hour! Which was my goal. I was the last person, but I finished it! Man my legs REALLY didn't love me that day!
So it just went from there. I was determined to be able to run my next one and hardly walk it. It took awhile, but I didn't really start hard core workouts until probably August. I was determined to lose weight before my vow renewal! I also started doing the base to base series runs. I did the first run which was two miles around housing. Adrianna and I did it together with hubby at my side of course! We did well! We finished it in 30 minutes! I wasn't going to stop after that. Adrianna and I would run together when we could and I would walk in the mornings with Anne.
I've lost 20 pounds and I'm wanting to lose more. Then the dreaded holidays came up! I did good though didn't gain any weight, but didn't lose any either. I also was slacking on my work out routine. It wasn't until JAN 2011 that I started back running. I even did the 3rd base to base series runs. It was 5 miles, but I walked it. 1) because I was coming off of being sick and 2) because it had been a while since I last ran.
Now in Jan I really started to rock it again. At the beginning I was still 20 pounds down. Adrianna and I started going to the gym again, Anne and I are walking in the mornings still.
Adrianna, Rick, Angela and I did the Jan run for the base to base series. It was a 5k! This time I did so much better!!! I ran most of it! Maybe some TMI, but I actually pushed myself so hard, that I ended up throwing up a little towards the end of the race! I still finished it running though! We finished it a little under 50 minutes!!! I was so happy!!
Adrianna and I go to the gym and I do 4 mile walks in the mornings. I've now lost 25 pounds!!!
My goals for this year:
Top goal is to run the base to base all the way. The base to base is 7.2 miles and will be in March.
My next goal is to run 20 minutes straight and then work on my pace. Right now I can run 15 minutes straight.
My next goal is to lose 50 pounds this year!!
My next goal, which is Adrianna inspired, is to train for a half marathon. That I would do sometime next year.
Those are my goals so far.
I will be blogging my progress throughout this journey. So stay tuned!!