Long awaited update.

Ever since I moved back to the States I ended up gaining back everything I had lost. :( I started to walk and run again, but I never really stuck with it. Especially once we moved into our new home. We had another family living with us, very chaotic. That was all in 2012. Towards the end of 2012 I was frustrated and just wanted to lose weight. I prayed for help. I asked God to help me lose weight. He answered my prayers for sure!!! It just wasn't in the way I thought it would have been. He answered my prayers through pregnancy. Yep in September of last year I became pregnant!! I was so bad sick for 7 months of it that I had lost roughly 50 pounds. After I had my baby girl, I had lost another 15 pounds all total I had lost 65 pounds!! I went from 330 to 265 in 10 months. Now I'm working on keeping all of that weight off and losing 65 more by this time next year! Here are some pictures of baby and momma!

About a week or two before I had her.

The picture of Rick with Cora-Marie was taken minutes after I had her. I had a home birth and it was wonderful. The picture of me and baby is a few hours after I had her. The last picture she is a few days old. :)

I have one more picture I want to add to show you how much weight I have lost, but I have to wait as it's on my husbands phone and not mine.